About Golden Communications

Our mission is to create educational apps that matter. We see the iPadĀ® as a unique format for providing differentiated learning opportunities to students with a range of needs, strengths and learning styles.

The apps we create are intended to harness the capabilities of both the iPad and the learner in a way that is both engaging and effective.

Marg Griffin is a Speech/Language Pathologist with more than 25 years experience working with individuals with speech, language and communication disorders. For the past twelve years she has worked with middle school and high school age students, who are her inspiration and motivation. They are a daily reminder that it is not the difficulties you face that define you, but the way you approach them.

Dale Dickerhoof is an engineer who has been developing software since high school and has fond memories of his family's first computer, an Apple II. He has extensive experience with software engineering and computer science, and has also collaborated on numerous Small Business Innovation Research grants.

Kelsey Dickerhoof is currently attending The Ohio State University and working as a research assistant. She has contributed her creativity and eye for detail to our app development process.

Ross Dickerhoof is attending the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. He has contributed his talent with the written word and his honest critique of the game play aspect of our apps.

Hobbes is our Golden Retriever and the namesake of our LLC. He approves of our apps but prefers a walk or someone to throw the ball for him.

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For general questions, comments, or other correspondence, contact us via email: GoldenComLLC@gmail.com

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